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Getting to Know the Designer – A New Fashion Trend

December 1, 2009

A new trend is emerging in the fashion world and this time it is not a new style to wear a jacket or an innovative silhouette. I would rather call it a shift of focus – we used to be interested only in the end product but today there are many other factors to take into consideration when purchasing a product.

 I can experience a change in myself – when I buy something new I look not only at the product and the price label but at what it is made from and where it was made. I also want to know more about the designer and the creative process. Hand made fashion is becoming more popular than ever and I believe one of the main reasons behind it is that people want to be involved, even indirectly, into the design process. There is something special about buying a product from an emerging designer and getting a glimpse into their world.

Designer Process

Designer Process

 We badly need this kind of intimacy in fashion after the stream of countless mass-produced high street items.

Gaudion Bowebank is one of the new enterprises that recognized the desire for a fresh perspective in fashion. The new concept online studio-boutique sells hand-made contemporary jewellery where each piece is an individual artwork made by a new innovative talent. When you buy a piece of jewellery not only you are guaranteed that it is made especially for you, but you also have a glimpse into the craftsmanship behind the product and the aspirations and inspirations of your chosen designer.  This interaction creates a link between the designer and the customer that adds an extra value to you product – a story told by the designer. Yes, they are not cheap, although you can find more affordable pieces such as the silver studs for £35 by Laura Jayne Strand, but their concept is truly refreshing.

Designer Jewellery

Designer Jewellery

 I also appreciate that Gaudion Bowebank don’t limit themselves only to a commercial side – they have several exciting initiatives that are really needed in the fashion world:

 –          recognition of women starting the own enterprises

–          a need for customised e-selling

–          a database of ethical suppliers

–          a meeting point for emerging talent

–          promoting craftsmanship

 I hope you will enjoy browsing their Gaudion Bowebank website and blog, getting to know the designers and learning their story.

 Don’t forget to enter their competition in conjunction with the Guardian to win a designer cuff worth £450!

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