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Glossy Review

September 6, 2009
The Gloss Irish Fashion Magazine

The Gloss Irish Fashion Magazine

Last week I was thrilled to hear the news of the return of The Gloss magazine and couldn’t wait to grab a copy of the Irish Times on Thursday to see what they are like in their new format.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous…I mean I really liked their old format so there was a risk of disappointment…

So here I am flickering through the super size pages of the new Gloss

What I Like:

-Fabby Shabby style intro

 (At the title I was like fabby what??…but once I got what they were talking about I loved the concept of ”half rough, half luxury”! Well said, after the obsessive pursuit of the perfectly groomed this might be exactly what we need…)

– Insight into The September Issue

(Great read! Love the dry and spot on tone of voice.)

– Photo Shoot

(Now, this was the part where I expected a lot since I’ve always been quite fond of The Gloss’ fashion photography. And I wasn’t disappointed.  Autumn looks presented in quirky combinations in a celebrity vs. papparazzi style. Interesting.

-Style Snapshots

(Great samples!)

-Interior Design

(Very inpirational! And a total surprise!)

– The huge size of the pages

(An extra treat when spread out on your coffee table…)

Don’t like:

I was determined to point out a few things here (to be contraversioal, etc.) but I have to say there was nothing I was particularly unhappy with… I mean yes, the don’t have the glossy hard cover of the independent magazines but apart from that nothing has really changed. Except the price!!

So I am still with The Gloss!

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  1. whisty permalink
    September 7, 2009 2:25 pm

    I agree, it totally works in this size format. I love the front cover / fashion spred images and the Dior and Chanel ads look AMAZING that big. Liked the whole Fabby Shabby theme, that was fabulous (but that’s a dreadful way of saying glamour/grunge or ‘Glunge’). Though felt very intelligent buying the Times that day!

    All in all v. impressed but was gutted to see they are still insisting on keeping in that dreadfully passé and distasteful, “A View from the Jeep”. Yuk peeps, leave it out! (oooh literally!)

  2. quirkyfashion permalink*
    September 8, 2009 12:43 pm

    I’ve never read “A View from the Jeep” part before so had to look it up. Is it supposed to be some kind of commentary on social appearances? I didn’t really get it…

    Yes, I also feel pretty smart when buying the Sunday Times but then despite all my good intentions, my attention span usually lasts until I finish with Style…

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