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White Rabbit at Alila

September 5, 2009

Last week we had so much fun playing  dress up at Topshop that we decided to do it again!

This time though, we wanted to try something less main stream.  After a bit of looking around we picked a fantastic little shop called Alila, on Drury Street, which looked like the perfect place for our next adventure.

Alila in Dublin

Alila in Dublin

Besides, Ali, the owner of Alila is my classmate in Grafton Academy. I’ve heard so much about the shop and I’ve always felt slightly sheepish for putting off visiting it for so long…

So this just seemed like the perfect time to finally do it!

When I said it is a fantastic little shop I meant it literally. Being at Alila transferred us in a sparkly fantasy world where we were stumbling across something unexpected and fabulous every minute…

Alila was created for those who are searching for that unique dress nobody else has. Ali is sourcing her pieces from all over the world so you can be sure that you are the only one wearing  that dress for your special occassion.

Ali, the owner of Alila

Ali, the owner of Alila

The Giant Shoe
The Giant Shoe
In my gallery you will find just a few pieces which caught my imagination. Just click on the small images to get a full view. I would have happily tried on more but I was in a hurry to get to my dress making class…
I am pretty sure though that the pictures will give you an idea of the shop’s atmosphere!
Photographer Mari Honkanen
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