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Top Picks From Topshop

August 29, 2009

After the retromania I am back to the newness of High Street to check out the current trends and pick a few pieces to mix and match with my growing collection of thrifted clothes.  Mix vintage vith modern for the edgy and quirky look or buy one statement piece from High Street to upgrade your thrifted outfit and get the sleek and fashionable look is my fashion rule No. 1!

My first stop is Top Shop. I choose a few pieces very carefully. I look for edgy, quirky and classic pieces to blend in with my current wardrobe.  In the end I end up with 3 outfits. Here you go!

My first pick is a pink dress, gathered and draped at the hips, and with a quirky zip detail at the back. Perfect if you have a narrow waist and wider hips! I choose a black jacket with a sharp silhouette to contrast the soft draping of the dress. Click on the images for the full size.

My next pick is a demure red and white dress.

Now, the third one has a bit of history. My friend Mari decides to choose one for me and the purpose is to find something completely out of my comfort zone. So disappears and comes back with 3 pieces – a glittery disco style miniskirt, a tee with skull motif and a floral patternt blazer. Very 80’s…I look at them suspiciously. The are so not my style! 50’s? Anytime! 70’s? Please! 8O’s? Nah…

So to my surprise I find out that the 3 pieces I wouldn’t touch with a pole look fab together!

Photographs by Mari Honkanen

Follow White Rabbit next week for another doze of High Street fashion!


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