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August 25, 2009
Blog header by Joao Filipe Cunha

Blog header by Joao Filipe Cunha

Reading magazines used to be the way I kept myself updated on the latest happenings in the fashion world. And it was all good, except that I always had a flicker of doubt as to what is hot and what is not.  Also, all the glitter often appeared so inaccessible and hard to identify with.

I remember flipping through the glossy pages in confusion thinking are they taking the piss or you’re really supposed to wear it?! Maybe I just don’t get the idea behind it…

And then I saw some of those trends filtering down the High Street fashion thinking aha, so that is what this is all about…

 But I was never part of it. It seems to be changing as fashion blogging is becoming one of the latest fashion media. You don’t need to know people to learn about the upcoming events and you can always talk back if you think something is over the top.

 So I am still mad about the glossy magazines and I still spend too much money on them but at least I have a fresh perspective and an opportunity to discuss and comment on fashion and maybe make a small impact. Maybe, we, Fashion Bloggers can reverse the pattern of fashion filtering down to us, down the road consumers, and make the opinions of ordinary people count more. My absolute favourites are the daily style ideas of What I Wore Today, the super edgy tone of Fashionista and – lets just say the title speaks for itself.

When I started studying fashion I had no idea about the Dublin fashion scene and, frankly, browsing on the net didn’t help. Today, if I want to know what is going on in Dublin, I check some the Irish Blogsphere.

Just to mention a few of them…you can always count on Whisty Blogs Dublin Fashion to learn about the latest fashion events, I Blog Fashion  for street smart fashion commentary, Fashion Filosofy for some amazing fashion photography and the list on my blogroll is growing…

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