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Epoch Boutique – A New Era of Fashion

August 24, 2009

As a teenager I used to rummage in my Mum’s wardrobe and after a while emerge clenching some long forgotten piece of clothing. I still remember the feeling of discovery and the reaction of my friends “Wow! That looks gorgeous! Where did you get it?!

Those rediscovered pieces always made me feel unique and a bit…different.

I think at this stage I probably exhausted the treasures of my mum’s wardrobe, so it is time to look elsewhere. I have to admit I love spending hours in second hand shops in search of something I could make my own.

 That is why I was delighted when I found Epoch Boutique and got that familiar feeling of discovery.

Epoch is a recycled fashion boutique selling “awesome vintage clothing which we have collected from around the world, designer classics, revamped clothing, new clothing and accessories which have been made from recycled materials and new clothing and accessories which have been made independently and outside the sphere of factory production”.

 Sounds tempting…I feel like discarding most of my wardrobe and refilling it with those unique, one off pieces, each of them with their own history.

 Ok, that is a bit ambitious but I am definitely going to do some hunting…I did some quick browsing on their website and my first favourite findings.

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  1. Mari permalink
    August 25, 2009 2:49 pm

    50% of my wardrobe is rummaged/thrifted from my relatives as far back as my grandmother’s mother! It’s the most fun past time ever and I love the unique feeling of these clothes. A little mold optional:)

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