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Reinventing the Hat – Louis Mariette and Lina Stein

August 18, 2009

Louis Mariette – Designer and Milliner

"Apple" by Photographer Oleg Micheev

"Apple" by Photographer Oleg Micheev

"Majestic" Shoot by Phographer and Musician Brian Adams

"Majestic" Shoot by Phographer and Musician Brian Adams

  Malawi born designer Louis Mariette created a whole new fantasy world where anything is possible – his creations give your eyes and imagination a real kick! Now you probably wouldn’t wear this on a Saturday night out but only looking at these concept pieces gives you so many possibilities! Louis’ interpretations of headwear are limitless so the few examples wet you appetite, or you can visit his website for the full feast.



Lina Stein – Winner of Hatty Awards and The Best Hat at Galway Races 2009

Lina Stein hat 1

 Lina Stein hat 2

Love the colour and texture combinations Lina Stein is using in her creations…they are so much fun!  If you are sad, just looking at those hats will make you smile.

 My advise: take your classic Derby hat to a charity shop, at least that will make you feel good about yourself!

 Something for my fellow Dublin citizens – Lina Stein is organizing regular hat making workshops in Westport where you can switch off for a couple of days. From looking at her work I think she can teach you a few things about daring, extravagance and joui de vivre in fashion.

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